August 20, 2005

tick tick tick...

less than two days left of summer.. beautiful sunny day in central texas..the house is clean and the boys and i are off to the river and then bowling...i know..i dread bowling the way most people dread the bothers me that much.. still, true has developed a love of bowl we must..he said although they make you wear girl shoes, he doesn't mind..cause they're special shoes for sliding just right, he's going to show me..

alex is getting so big..i asked him when his legs got so long last night..he said he was growing up, and that he was still little, just has really big legs, he doesn't know why..but he thinks he's going to be a daddy soon... yikes, who knows what goes on in there? that kid's mind...cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo...

just two days left of summer..pre k and first grade come we go..

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