August 19, 2005

sucks to be me..

it bites too, but primarily it's a suck..

tonight i was supposed to be at the worldwide album release of Guy Forsyth's Love Songs For and Against.. i was going to see guy play live for the first time in freaking months...lovely downtown austin...antone's...i even squeaked out a spot in the vip area..damn, do you hear the giant sucking sound? yes, it's coming from the general direction of mexico, just a few hours ain't nafta, it's my life..

never heard from the ex..called him tuesday, asked if he was sending any money, it was the 16th word..called wed, asked if he was planning on picking up the boys, and did he send any money, it is the word...called thurs, asked what time he was getting the boys, and did he send any money, i had to prepay a gazillion dollars in school shite, it is the word...called this morning, assuming he's not sent any money but is he planning on picking up the boys? it is the 19th, afterall..

no word..canceled the trip to the show about 3..that's the power of denial people..three o'clock and i was still hanging on to mother hope..

ex's future ex called about 5:30...they just got all my it a good time to talk? not really said i, what's up? oh, you're in mississippi? on vacation? no, i can't's not a good time at all..

UPDATE: received one text and a phone call from the show..all is very well... sold out.. go guy!!

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