August 10, 2005

Riverside wake...

well, folks.. the lovely and talented Christina has decided to hang it up...i'm mourning this morning.. i've decided to have a wake here in texas for matter how we plan it, feisty is going to be one rotten corpse by the time i can get it together...afterall, she was the one blessed with organization skills, i doubt you'll find that claim anywhere around here...

anywho...suggestions, please?? a winter meet means a mild winter for all those northerners who might like to come..although, things get pretty beautiful around here in the spring...maybe we could have the jeckyll spot in april? and jeckyll could be moved to a warmer month when leaving the hotel room could be an option??

who's in?? what month? city escape? or a ranch style ho-down? you tell me...leave some suggestions...and Christina...i know it's rude to ask the dead to plan their own funeral...but can you help me??

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