August 09, 2005

i'm with stupid...

whew, rough fureeekin monday, people..i mean all day..i wore my green suit..i love wearing a suit everyday..tell you what..besides looking sharp as a tack should mister wonderful happen by, don't think in twelve years i haven't learned that it's always nice to be dressed for a funeral, even if it's my own..

i was confused by blogland when i returned..i didn't get it.. sorry, but i enjoyed reading a rape survivor criticizing domestic violence survivors about as much as i would enjoy seeing a retarded child and an autistic child fight to the death..i just didn't get it..comments to boot..

believe me, when you deal with people's money you tend to know them intimately. i know a thing or two or three about domestic isn't an act of stupidity but an act of love.. deranged manipulation of what love is supposed to be, definitely... but love is how you get there to begin with and the fleeting memories are what trap you there...

the victim is very generally mentally beaten into a state of worthlessness and fear.. the victim knows it's wrong, but sometimes knows nothing else, can't see a way out..soon enough, the grotesque bastardization of the perfect family becomes the norm..and who can you blame but yourself?

masochists don't shout out their achilles heals from the rooftops, they covet them as prized secret weaknesses..and therefore they are alone in their suffering, starved for a supportive word they only get their stupidity and worthlessness validated by the apathetic masses.

i felt the exact same domestic violence with a few blogs i was reading.. the height of degradation just being there.. the vile attitudes i took in daily...the ocean of untruth i kept on with because i remembered the good old days. i found myself sitting in my comfy chair late night in my jammies, and so sick of the unbelievable bullshit i was willingly taking in..honest disagreement, i can deal with..mindless chanting minions, i can not..

i think i'm better now..much happier without the negatory bullshit..

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