August 05, 2005

With love always, the donut palace..

when i moved here from illinois, i had to start my business over from scratch..that is a heinous proposition for people like me, as the longer you stay somewhere, the more you become established and the less you have to stress the girating income...most of my peers find me to be a touch insane for starting over completely, but at the time, i had just gotten divorced, and starting over felt like the thing to do...

so i moved home to texas..said goodbye to over 700 clients that had been doing business with me and leapt into the great took probably three months before i could transfer all my licenses, so during that time, i just did market research everyday...met the business owners, asked questions, learned the town, you know, acclimated..

my office is fabulous..but the build out took a couple more i prepped the opening, planned a ribbon cutting, called the chamber, and awaited the key to the city...they were going to love me, and my business was going to change their lives...i was so excited..

i had a habit of carring fliers in a folder around in my car, invitations or declarations really, of the grand opening and the festivities to come...

one morning i pulled up to the donut palace, and there was the owner Hop at the drive thru window...he and his wife are the sweetest petitest little asian couple you have ever seen and he was always asking about my business, as i was the only seemingly unemployed person he saw regularly wearing a suit..

Hop, "i see you are going to work, is your office finished?"

me, "no, not quite...but almost, i'm having a grand opening party in a couple of weeks...i hope you and your wife will come"

i started searching my car, and at the time, my office...the folder was empty, the travel file...empty...the glove box, empty...damn, i really wanted hop there..

i saw in the floorboard one flier, i had folded it twice over..but i figured, ahhh, it's not perfect but it's got all the info...and i handed it to hop..

he smiled and looked up at me over the flier..very quiet, very strange...and then he said, "I like the kisses.."

"excuse me?"

he turned it around to show me, and i had blotted my lipstick in the middle of the said you are welcome to this grand opening...SMOOOCH!!!

i want to die, die, die, die, die, die...

ugh, the epitome of professionalism...hop and his wife didn't make it to the opening..

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