August 05, 2005

the master of my domain..

it's shocking what you find out on the internet, even among friends..

turns ons..turn peeves..freaky fettishes..disgusting habits..the blogdrama, it's the world freakin turns..

i've discovered a few local bloggers, like in my zip code, and i find it kind of exciting to bump into them in georgia on one of my homey's freakin world, isn't it? well maybe not, i don't know them in real life, only know we share a tiny local domain..howdy, lurky loo neighbor!!

and speaking of domains, i don't know what i have to do to get a sexier one...but blight girl, i know you could make it happen..i mean, we're friends so you have to help me move, right?? people, i want my domain to stir the nether regions of the masses...these are the domains that make me weak:

  •,, is fine by me
  • exxonmobil, chevrontexaco, royaldutch
  • beretta, smithwesson
  • cox

  • frontier & wideopenwest

calling all technophiles, feel free to offer suggestions, but make it exotic...i'm looking to shake my townie bretheren and turn in my current doldrums domain...give it up..

and speak s l o w l y, i don't know what half of that i said even means...

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