August 04, 2005

what are we talking about here?

i'm trying to get my mind to understand this so called blogosphere..a comment that eric made over at princess cat's really got my attention..
"quite a few people know about my blog..but they just don't give a shit..pretty much like me and my posts.."
bravo, eric..

they don't give a shit, do they? non-bloggers don't blog..and by that i fully include lurkers and include lurking as an act part and parcel to blogging.. as a deformed, i mean, reformed lurker..i was still addicted when i was just reading...

other people simply aren' can give them your url, you can urge them to comment..but they just won't..they aren't wired for it..and they fear what they do not understand..(bawk, bawk, bawk, little debbie!)

my favorite is just to say the word blog..often it evokes a slight startled look..kind of like they don't know if you just cussed or belched or what..and then often, they find it hard to use it in a sentence, not knowing if it's a noun or a verb, very confusing to the non blogging public...

still, i read a few guessing 8 million blogs in existence..who knows..with all the variations, probably..but how many bloggers? what is the population density of those both addicted to reading and/or writing regularly?? if the world population is 6.5 trillion souls, how many of them are blog sloths or wired to be so?

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