August 03, 2005

where's aunt flo?

thanks for the blog depression, zonker...i didn't know i was depressed until i read the i want to hurt myself..

got me thinking about cycles though..damn, we are pathetic predictable creatures, aren't we? market cycles, lunar cycles, menstrual cycles..what else? they are all marked with recurring warning signs, roadmaps to what lies ahead...the oedipal redundancy inescapable..fantastic, we are rats on a wheel, are we not??

went to get a lipstick and some spot remover (miracle blemish product) and two smock clad women started to quiz me about my cleansing routine..they did not like that i was exfoliating in the morning, at all..the woman straight up asked if i was using a three step process, all three steps?

i had an overwhelming urge to bitch slap one of them when it occurred to me..the blemishes, my attitude, their overbearing, gung-ho cleansing rituals...all significant cogs in the shoe cycle today..

fortunately, i recognized the signs and i let them live..

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