August 01, 2005

gardien d'enfants

when i had the pleasure of taking my kids to paris a few years ago, i decided to hire a babysitter for one evening so that my traveling companion and i could have a nice dinner out and a night on the town.. the boys were younger then, but as a mommy in a foreign land, i had never before laid eyes on a more competent looking babysitter..she arrived at the hotel wearing a grey three piece skirt suit, long brown hair pulled up into a, never seen that before...and something about that french flavored english just put my mind at ease..i have never left my children feeling as comfortable as i did that night.. when we returned, late and inebriated, we found our beautiful french femme looking like dogshit. her hair was all tossled and her face was twitching like she had faced sheer horror, as if she were on the brink of crying.. she was snatching up her personal items from around the tiny hotel room and i said, "were they good?"

she looked at me and said, "actuallee...they were...'orribul...dis one wants to kill zee little one, and zee little one cannot defend himself..." (the little one was six months old, hello??)

so i look at my precious baby's face and it was all scratched up..the older one had seriously hurt him...and where was my beautiful statuesque french guardian? she was right there, playing france the whole time...didn't get involved..wasn't able to protect a 6 month old from a two year old, even with professional training..

so yes, i love france, but i don't defend the ninnies..they are as spineless up close and personal as they are on the world stage..

that life lesson cost me 500 francs and i had to travel back to the states with a scratched up baby...still living, still learning..

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