August 02, 2005

more than a game at stake..

had to steal this from the san antonio express-news this morning...does this sound like "i never had sex with that woman" to anybody else? i'm sick of heroes that are zeros..join me, lets place a premium on honesty...

i know one professional athlete and his health is his livelihood..he knows EVERYTHING that enters his body... this guy should run for president with his bastardization of the english language.."intentionally," my ass...

i could care less about his use of enhancement drugs, it's the lying under oath before congress that should get his ass locked up...what a monumental waste of our tax dollars for congress to carry on such a prolonged investigation only to uncover lies.. pass the imodium, please..

i would be shitting a brick if i were called to testify before congress..wouldn't you? i know in my line, lying to the SEC would not only cost me my career PERMANENTLY but also my personal assets and my freedom... they have no reservations about putting corporate criminals away these days.. ask Martha..

hmmm, i wonder why it's so hard for our leaders to tell the truth? small penis complex? any ideas? why is this behavior acceptable in our society today?

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