July 31, 2005

tripping the life fantastic

on my return from nola, i passed right by the summit in houston...many memories in that old builing...

i saw my first concerts there..the Cars, Prince's purple rain tour, and i never will forget, the Van Halen jump tour...i met a guy and he played air guitar on my courduroy guess jeans throughout the show..he left some scratches in my jeans that lasted as long as the jeans did..

in 95, i saw a rockets playoff game there..shot three free throws outside and won all this giveaway crap...shooting the free throws was the big deal..my brother missed, and i hadn't played basketball since we'd played horse in the driveway...

then in 1988, i saw my first dead show..my friend bought my ticket because i had no interest in going...i remember him telling me that seeing a dead show was an experience that i should have no matter what i thought of the music..

he was right..there are few visual images i can conjure up that could compete with those at the summit when 50,000 hippies took over the metropolis..i hadn't done any drugs at that time, so i was for all intensive purposes, vacationing on lsd island...it was a trip to say the least people..i miss the grateful dead!! those crazies knew how to let their hair down..

but now the summit has been bought and renovated by the lakeway church. imagine that? still an important central meeting location for houstonians, still a place of singing, happiness, music and emotion...but now the patrons all dress up and wear deodorant..

yep, the frizzle fries wore off and the town buttoned up like the rest of the world..i'm glad to see it..but i won't soon be able to lose the image of all those lsd laden hippies dancing car wash style in that church..jerry or jesus, we all just want to be led..

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