July 30, 2005

the forest and the trees..

when i go blind, i'm counting on you fine people to have my back...someone has got to tell them that it was the sitemeter and not the masturbation...

it took me 6 months to get 300 people to this site...eric accounts for about 200 of those hits..he is a dedicated adoptive daddy o..my reputation since nola has brought me to my 1200th hit...geez, i didn't know how EASY y'all are, i could have bared all a long ass time ago, help a brother out..

funny thing though, i only started blogging because i didn't have any friends post divorce..i loved the personalities i was finding out in blogland..i thought, if i had a blog it would allow them to know me as i know them..so there you have it..

now one week has gone by since nawlins and i'm back at home and you know what? i waited too long...i love these people..

sure, i got branded on my first trip out..i should have, i deserve far more bs than i actually have received..

but now, funny thing, i don't have time to blog..i'm too busy with my real life hooking up with my favorite bloggers...i'm heading out to feisty's this afternoon to meet up with some texas blodgers for a pig roast, cocktails and hopefully some great conversation that doesn't lead to any unsolicited nudity on my part...let's hope..

for real, these are the coolest people on earth...if you are one of those like me, who feel like you don't meet people day to day as great as these people..i urge you to leave me a comment with your url and we will get busy working you into the fold...

have a great weekend, and i'm not taking my camera, so don't ask..

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