July 29, 2005


howdy from home..

the alley cat got the throw ups and puked all over the pre-k room this morning minutes after i kissed him and went to work..retrieved his pasty little dumpling self shortly thereafter..he's chilling in front of the tube now..

but my stomach is kinda grumblin, psychosomatic i'm hoping..

speaking of the tube, i'm reminded that my kids were driving me absolutely nuts saying, "mommy, can we see johnny depp starring as charlie in the chocolate factory?" i gave in and took them opening weekend..when johnny depp first appeared, the alley cat started yelling,"look mommy, that's charlie depp, that's charlie depp!!" we loved the new one by the way, do go see it when you can..

ah, there's too much to do at the office..but i'm not going to bitch..unscheduled three day weekends are nothing to take lightly..i'm going to go iron something..have a great day!

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