July 28, 2005

She's gotta have it

"mommy, do you do blogs?"

"what is a blog?"

"i don't know, what is a blog?"

"who's asking?"


"uh huh, i thought so.."

key baby, believe me honey.. i know..i love seeing your precious mugs daily..you are some beautiful freakin computer geeks, you know that? damn, you should see the blog love in roll one..i think i got enough compromising pics of all of you in this first batch to sleep easy, at last..

however, in my line of work, we're probably not supposed to blog..and although mine is hardly anonymous, i still think it heightens my chances of being recognized if the pics go out..i work in a highly litigated environment and i just don't need people showing up in court with stupor shots from nola...no offense, baby.. if i can earn your trust on this, i'll consider posting on saturday boobage under an assumed name, how's that?

i think some others in the group shots have similar work exposure issues..please don't make me kill my bloglife key, it's all i've got..

plus think of the children, darlin, mine need to eat..i love my job and i need it..

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