July 27, 2005

No can do..

sorry, folks, but all you begging for my photos, are going to have to wait.. it was incriminating enough being the live body that had to publicly claim them..the smirk on the photo clerk's face i'm certain was not my imagination.. you digital dorks don't have to live with this scorn, so i guess that's what makes it easy for you to make your requests..however, let me clue you in on something, there is no way ANY of you will be seeing the majority of these..sorry.. ..shame on you barbie and shame on you blight love.. shame on all of you really..you know who you are..willing participants, every one..grinning like monkeys..i got yo' numba, people..and i better never figure out who took that one..i have some idea, but i don't really want to know..i like you all too much.. by the way, i received some serious revelations from that day...you zonker, you bought me film, did you not? thank you, buddy, that's what makes you so cool.. i got home and had four rolls in my purse, only developed the one in the camera..

i couldn't remember where it came from cause i didn't bring any film..i thought i snagged it from one of y'all, one of those "hold this" moments that went on too long..turns out i took more than 15 pics, cause they all start at about 5 o'clock saturday... and they ain't purty!!

WOOHOO!! let's hear it for mother hope..perhaps some carriage ride shots would be easier on my nerves..this was a HORRIBLE way to instantly revisit the great black hole..damn you kodak..you bring real awful things back to life..

which means i'm back to the photomat tomorrow..wish me luck..no one needs this hell twice..

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