July 25, 2005

Since you left me, baby...

well, the drive was alright..sunny and no serious traffic issues all the way home. my mom thought maybe i should spend the night in houston, but opted for making me coffee instead..

big ass mistake..

i was awake till four last night, stalking all you people, you know, the kiddos were busy in dreamland..

i felt like a supastah at work today...two hours sleep post nawlins..eye make up smudged down to the chin.. hair greased up and ratty, i don't give a fuck, just needing my beauty rest...my assets grew by one million dollars while i was gone and that's always a good thing, but particularly good when you are starring as the zombie professional. USA, USA, USA..that's what i call putting your money to work, know what i'm saying? i love capitalism..yummy goodness..

anyways, i was a scaley excuse for a real person all day, and then i had an evening appointment which required a babysitter..followed immediately with bunco, my monthly all girl getaway.. bunco is the shit people..

tonight, not so irregularly, we decided to not play bunco at all and just tattoo each other with hyacinth tats and sip on hawaiian punch...ooof..are you sure this isn't a governor's daughter? why did they tattoo my face? that's going to suck come morning..

by the way, say hi to my mom...she is surely my newest lurker thanks to y'all's magnificent rain of linky love..she called me this morning at work and told me she loved denny's site..oh yeah..then she told me dash was a dreamboat and she couldn't wait to get home and read more...aye yi yiye...that was 12 hours ago...

thank goodness i'm too tired to care..later sweet peeps..

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