July 25, 2005

the bad news blodgers...

ok ok

my n'awlins clock is kicking in, late night 3rd wind...oh yeah...you know it people, don't worry i got my clothes on...

quick advice...if you love bloggers you must go to a blogmeet..holy shite, best peepin' freaks on this earth..i loved every second, even those i can't account for...all good

if you do go to a future meet, may i suggest that you not make any preemptive statements as i did with "crawlin thru n'awlins" cause that shit will come to fruition, my brothers..hear me..actually, crawlin' would be a much classed up version of what i did, no?

now a special shout out to my fav-o-rite tights..
kelley, my blight blood, too much love for you in texas..shit, we did kind of get from the word go, did we not? zonker, thank you for filling in the dark chasms for me, it was great hearing about all the fun i had in third person..sam, barbie, christina, yabu and velociman..i hold all y'all equally responsible for the overembellished story i got from zonker...no freaking way people, i'm bad, but not that bad...key, you are the sweetest southern belle i have ever met, i can not thank you enough for sharing your grace, charm, and shoulders with me...and denny, we didn't have enough time, but thank god...i might have ended up on saturday boobage and that's not alright with me...susan, karen and my texas big bro, dash...i'm sick we didn't have more quality time together, but blogmeets are shift work, and this time i was on days...we will correct that in the future i hope...

oh, and even my doting blog daddy was nice enough to phone me and talk me thru my first hours with them..thanks pops..sorry i came off as illiterate as i did, i was geeking big time..

so to sum it up..a senator's son and an unpopped governor's daughter, strolling through the quarter...now i don't want to sound crass, but they said show your tits and i instead showed my ass..thanks for the hospitality, folks, i do appreciate ya..

love and nighty night, i miss you all already..

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