July 20, 2005


man, there are soooooo many things on my plate right now... i had planned to spend the week leading up to n'awlins posting disclaimers about myself so the reality of meeting me would be less painful..

however, it's humpday, which means trash day at the homefront and swim day at school with the kids..again the blog must wait while we iron out the wrinkled pants of our daily existence...

still, i did find time to try and reformat the blog...a little bird told me it was hard to navigate. i think with all the posts on one page it looks more like everyone elses? i don't know, you tell me. i am techno difficient and don't habla html at all..

also at work i recently acquired a large account..the review is on thursday, and if it goes well enough, i will be breaking out of work shortly thereafter for the first leg of my journey. if not, i'll be panhandling all the bloggers for dough to get my car out of the trump lot in nola...wish me luck, i need it...

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