July 19, 2005

spurm brokers...

enough with penis and spurm offers, vile porn concessioneers..

first, i'm being overwhelmed with electronic mail offers that say they can increase my "spurm" volume by 500%...wow, that may sound impressive...but i'm a numbers gal, 5 times nothing is still nothing, who do they think they are fooling?

then yesterday, AT WORK, i received a yellow envelope with a giant yellow daisy and it said "summer savings inside." red opened it, as is the custom in our office, and just about fell over dead when she realized it was assorted dildos and vibrators at such sizzling summer prices... mamamia, that woman is still freakin out...

i can't help but feel that this spam is somewhat of a scarlet letter...a dirty mark on my otherwise pristine background...where have i been? indeed, red, where have i been? i believe in personal responsibility, but cripes, people, i haven't a clue...how did they find me at work?????

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