July 08, 2005

of lice and men..

i try to put a happy face on my life's turmoils when i can...but i've been involved in a battle over the last few weeks, a hairy one...i've struggled to keep it from seeping here..but i can no longer, and shoot, i don't have much else to talk about.

my boys have come home from their last four visitations with their dad with headlice. i'm not just being hateful...literally, they go two weeks with no lice, see dad, come home with lice, we de-lice, and then two weeks later, they reappear.

it has been a nightmare. i already do an ungodly amount of laundry sans lice. this is nuts. add to that each lice kit cost $20, i've been through at least eight of em with all the summertime fun they've been having.

my ex said they didn't have lice and hung up on me. repeatedly. in fact, i think the lice wars are some of the only discussions we've had over the last few months. finally, since the fourth was a long visitation, they hatched at dad's this time, and wonder of wonders-he noticed..

when he brought them home wednesday, he said he wouldn't be taking them for visitation anymore, too much trouble. you'd think it would be less trouble to rid your other child of lice and think about some clean living...oh well, we just never could think alike.

he won't be missed by me, but i'm sad for my boys..they really don't have a clue how half assed he is towards them.

on the upside, i read on my lice remover kit instructions that headlice, bodylice and pubic lice (crabs) are all the same thing. then i realized that the saddest outcome of the lice wars would be if i somehow contract my first case of crabs even though i can't remember the last time i got laid.

i don't care if the closet demons are chomping off their legs, those boys are not getting in my bed. i have enough problems..

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