July 08, 2005

i'm not getting a good feeling about this...

they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. if that's the case, i may have very well outed myself.

if you feel so inclined, look around, or save some time and take my word...i don't get out much. i take my time with my kids very seriously, there's never enough of it. plus, i have had some doozies for dates post divorce..oh yeah, eric was kind enough to highlight that for me.. thanks, buddy.. can you twist that knife just a little to the left?

now that i live in a state of life pretty much running me..i sometimes forget what it was like in my fly by the seat of my pants days. children change all that. you never know when somebody's gonna get the throw ups and trash all your plans. spontaneity got traded for flexibility a long time ago.

plus, two boys at 4 and 6 can wear out anyone..i don't exactly have a line at the door of people dying to take them off my hands. babysitters are my crack cocaine..god love em..

the up and coming crawlin' thru n'awlins has been gnawing at me like a bad habit. it won't go away. i told red and she was down. i told mean jean of mississippi, and she said she'd come. i called my mom and said i was thinking of going to a blog meet in new orleans and she said, "Why? to meet all those losers who put their whole lives on the internet?"


i guess so. told you that woman was opinionated. i think she's prolly on to me. called me today and said she was expecting to keep the boys while i'm in nola. hells yeah, psychotic mommy mind games... how i learned from the master...

i bet she's a mere clickity clack from finding this loser..she's good like that.

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