July 06, 2005

Envy Me

i can't lie, it's a dull freakin life sometimes...why else would i be lurking around out here anyway? uh huh, problems people, i never said i was perfect...

but is it just me being hypersensitive, or did anyone else notice me getting gunned down in blogdom yesterday?? all that why have babies talk? depressing, folks. put a freakin smile on already and stop pouting about things that you have no control over..

it was really hard not to take offense at this..
"if your kid is at day care every day while you work for ten hours, trying to prove you're as good as a man, you're a lousy mother."

JESUS, where to start...

1. i don't know a mom who has to work who wouldn't gladly stay home if it were possible

2. i'm thankful to my day care, which is also a church, they are an important aspect of socialization for my children. they teach. my kids are a fuckload smarter than same aged kids at our church who are homeschooled. go fuck yourself. daycare ain't evil, it's preschool.

3. bite me on the trying to be as good as a man...retarded...successful women understand their differences and accentuate them.. they in no way try to be as a man..i call bullshit.

4. the recurring theme of "women power" in blogdom is inane..i highly doubt the teen & below poverty pregnancies are due to die hard steinem followers. i am the norm..i've known lots of women and never met ONE that was involved in the "women's movement". we all just work because we have to. sorry if you thought we were trying to prove something, we just love expensive shoes.

5. my kids spend too much time in daycare and i love my work.. it is really rewarding. that doesn't make me a lousy mother.. i think it makes me exceptional. my boys know that when the sun comes up, there is work to do..that you take care of yourself and you respect your friends and neighbors...that to be a burden on anyone else is wrong, most of all, to be a burden on this country, to which you owe dearly. freedom makes you gluttonous, sorry peeps, but look at the fats.

6. a 40 hour work week does translate into a ten hour day care stint for your child. sorry, but that's the minimum most of us here in reality can work if we want to qualify for health insurance and all those other wonderful things that help us to be responsible parents.

i'm glad the pig isn't going to procreate. my boys would whip the living shit out of their flaming ignorant asses.

sorry for the rant, but it was personal.

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