July 05, 2005

when your strength is your weakness...

i can hear her as clear as a bell..my mother, no tact..."stop hanging around mike, joe and jacob..they're never going to amount to anything.. all they care about is smoking pot and getting drunk and drawing pictures...please..soar with the eagles, or flock with the turkeys...your choice"

my mother loved to pose the no choice choice..being the stereotypical baby boomer, she was always polarized.. this way or no way, incredibly inflexible..incredibly hyper judgemental..but then i wonder, what were your judgements when you read the first part? agreement? did it sound so normal you don't know why i'm bothering to write about it? exactly, and that's why...

my friend the doper's first job out of college was working for a political action committee. he wrote an article (decriminalization of weed) for them that was picked up and published in Playboy magazine. two years out of college. that pretty much dwarfed the success of my other peers two years out of school, especially those struggling to be published..he's still at it.

my friend the drinker got a four year degree selling "kegarators". it was a good business for him. he also ran a beer co op in college, where there was always a fresh keg of really good beer (anchor steam, liberty ale, microbrews..) and you tallied every pint and payed 50 cents a beer, and hanging out at his house was the place to be anyway.. the economics were just a bonus, none of us were 21 at the time, so just to have free flowing beer was the main perk. the beer snobbery came at a cheap price.

he bought a brewery and makes (sorry i'm prejudiced) the best beer in texas. completely dusts the success of many of our peers.

my friend the artist, just never could stop.. he got a masters in fine art and then a PHD. he's painted the labels for the other friend's beer. last i caught up with him, he was teaching art out at one of those giant california universities.

three people, that i gotta say, my mom nailed the description dead on early in knowing them. except one major thing she missed and i believe will continue to miss...the outcome: it's not so much the muse, as it is the drive that determines success.

one man's coke is another man's cocaine, and another man's cancer..

not every bad action will cause a negative reaction, and lacking that, is it really bad?

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