July 01, 2005

performance anxiety


i am a believer. when the pressure is on you better step up to the plate or that mother of no mercy, regret, will surely step in and have your lunch...

woulda, coulda, shoulda..the saddest phrase i know too well..

that being said, i'm pretty uninteresting tonight...big red was off today, so i manned the ship alone, and that bitch nearly went down...i closed up at 4 and took the boys to the river.

i sat in a whirlpool on a pink raft spinning around and around and around...the kids are exhausted and that only heightens my satisfaction with my nimble-minded laziness...way to go me!

floating while being pelted by two water guns will take a toll, people. imagine my surprise to return home here to find all y'all lovechops having a surprise party for me. mind if i change first?

oh, you mean it's an intervention.... i freakin knew it.

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