July 02, 2005

My three sons...

well since i can't wow you with the secret to a successful marriage, ahem, i know nothing of the nature...let me spin you a tale of the end...a classic tale of better, not bitter..

respect is such a fading element in our culture. today as i was tooling downtown on my way to home depot, i was met head on with a funeral procession. i tried to pull over to the right to stop but the flood of cars whizzing by in the slow lane was too much. finally, the light i'd just come through turned red and the traffic subsided and i was able to stop and put it in park.

long procession. once the light changed again here came the nimrods, putting along at as if they were invisible. hey dickweed, we see you...when your wife dies we hope some jackass cruises right by as if it were any sunny day too.

respect is just classic admiration, is it not? boy, i have a lot of issues with respect these days. for instance, the fad of wearing the thong underwear with the low rise pants? sorry to sound like an old fogie, but my mom would have never let me out of the house like that...she practically called me a whore for dressing like an eighties geek. yet, judging by the perfect 18 year old ass i ogled at home depot, i'm guessing it ain't a question of respect at their house?

lose respect in a relationship and i beg to argue that the relationship is lost. yep, there's forgiveness, but there never is reconstruction. just the sense that you got past it, and with all due respect, that's never enough.

i won't bore you with the grimey details of my own marriage's demise, but i will leave you this...my aha moment came in a flash when i realized my ex left little to be admired...love lost, sorry, but i didn't marry to have a third child. be a man, do something.

and for all you hunkalicious real men out there...even tho i know life sucks prison dick some days, slaving away for what again? you know, you do it for your family and that's what counts. you have my respect, and their's too.

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