June 29, 2005

Mommy gets babies' brains crystal clean..

y'all, i'm freakishly tight with money... as such, i've inadvertently brainwashed my children..

since they were born, i've referred to all money as college money...in other words, every time the kids try to cash in at the bank of mom, i tell them that their account is still empty and all my money is for them to become lil longhorns, to which they usually respond, "Hook 'em" like all good longhorns should..

when the oldest was two and the youngest was six months, i took them to Paris on a work trip.. we were stuck in JFK for hours... as i was sitting there at the gate, trying to corral the boys, this lady drops her purse and all this change comes flying out like a slot machine.. lots of change, i couldn't understand why she was lugging it all around.

my son true leaps into action..like it was mardi gras or something, he's on all fours scooping up the money into a pile and just grinning and laughing like mad...you'ld of thought he just won the lottery.

i said, "true, please, honey, you have to give that lady her money back"


i said, "seriously, son, that is not your money, now help the nice lady out and give her her money back"

true looked up at the lady with crocodile tears in his eyes and said, "but please, lady, i need this money for college..."

the woman begged us to keep the money, but i refused. damn embarrassing when your children beg for money, but damn amusing when they sound so goal oriented when they do it.

if i could just work this into a regular scam, i think i could quit my day job and just pimp em out like a gypsy..

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