June 28, 2005

Troop 606

On my honor, i will try, to serve god, my country and to live by the girl scout law...(which i believe was serving god and my country, kind of redundant don't ya think?)

roots are funny things..you can run away at supersonic speeds, but you can not escape that which is you, even if it isn't genetic, even if it isn't attractive, even if.

you notice that around children.. their immediate surroundings are their entire universe. that's what makes it so natural for them to be so "honest" out in public. it ain't honesty, trust me on this one, it's blissful ignorance-big difference...they're just taking their show on the road.

speaking of roots, have you ever had an older sibling pin you down by your elbows with their knees? dangling a giant loogie by a thread of spit just inches above your eyes? sucking it up only to shout empty threats at you, as if you could react? well that was my brother's form of water torture...the horror...retarded discipline, that's what that ahole taught me.

troop 606 was my sisterhood. devoid of female siblings, it was up to them to teach me all things feminine. fashion was roller skate patches on back pockets. love was passing a note. friendship meant you would never walk the slab alone. and bitchiness, don't get me started, the pms began before health class which came looooonnnnngggg before actual pms.

life wasn't any easier, in fact the more things change the more they seem the same. i still talk regularly with the sisterhood, 30 years later...troop 606 is having a reunion mid july. i can't wait. you better believe there will be fashion and love and friendship and bitchiness. we are real women and we'll have a lot to talk about...

the mini troops will probably be practicing retarded discipline, the boys outnumber the girls 8 to 3.

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