June 24, 2005

generational translator...

big red had a sit down with me when i got into the office this morning..

seems our great state's governor, rick perry, had a slip up monday...after the cameras stopped rolling he said, "Adios, Mofo." unfortunately, he was just talking with an aide, but was still miked up...of course, right..

hilarious...red told me she just isn't hip to the lingo these days, but that she heard the governor say "mofo" and she wondered if i could tell her if that's ebonics or something and did i know what that meant?

i said, "well, it's most commonly used to mean mother fucker, but i don't want to put words in the governor's mouth..."

she said, "well thanks for telling me. at least now i know not to say, 'bye mr. & mrs. client, we think y'all are really mofos!!"

indeed, glad i could help...

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