June 26, 2005

Mister McDaniels

mr. mcdaniels was my high school history teacher. total trip of a man. the high school professor type that taught much but not much history.

mr. mcdaniels lived on stoney creek. even in my senior year, i recognized how apropos..the guy reeked of liberal ideology and sewed infectious thought among the youth.

he started the year with his top ten words you better never misspell, automatic f. the dude had some pet peeves, but at least he was straightforward. "business" was on the list, and i don't know why but i always previously wanted to spell it buisness...mr. mcd handed me an f with a note in red i shall see the rest of my days... "get out in the world and see...business is just busy-ness, but not for you if you can't spell... congratulations, you fail!"

besides that he had a standing theory that North Dakota doesn't exist. solely a fictional location, propagated by the us government for them to hide all their problems...never has anything, good nor bad, come out of North Dakota. he backed it up with the theory that if you ever met anyone from north dakota, they were a government operative.

sure enough, 16 years went by and the only person i ever met from north dakota, was a postman...a government employee, just as mister mcdaniels had warned. now he didn't like the theory that his homeland was nonexistent, but he brought nothing to the table in the way of proof. in fact, the more he tried offering evidence, the more he sounded as contrived and manipulated as mister mcd had warned.

somehow the thought of North Dakota as a black hole of government propaganda still makes sense to me. if you can prove otherwise, please leave it in the comments. and i mean hands on, no movies, or friends of friends, only the real deal counts...

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