June 22, 2005

Polyanna Pussypants...

i've had a brush with greatness...feminine greatness..the kind of pussy prowess that makes beautiful nubile ladies wanna go lesbo..a sheer freaking genius...let me lay it on you..

a guy friend of mine was telling me about his new girlfriend. they met on the internet.. became interested..met in person and got it on that same night. chemistry, ka boom, and that's alright.

he digs her. she's great. he went away to a meeting and she sent him nudie shots on his camera phone. (whoa, you go girl!) since they don't live in the same town, but close, he spends a lot of time on the phone listening to all the ways she's going to abuse his giant hard cock the next time she sees him.

herein lies the rub, seriously, they've fucked now maybe on 5 or so occasions, and she's never had an orgasm. he says she screams like a nut and is louder than anyone he's ever heard, but never cums. she tells him she can do it for herself, big time orgasm, but not with him there, and that no man has ever given her an orgasm. ever. 30 years ever.

what can my poor friend do? he fucks her just as good as he ever has?? he tries and tries and no orgasm?? oral? yes...foreplay? never ending...positions? everything his sick mind can come up with, he does it all... how is he going to get her off?

i'll tell you what he does, but men listen up, it is for you that i'm divulging this shit.. he never gives up. she, at her whim, can give in...inflating him from sex monkey to the master...yes, he will be The One that could make the little girl cum that couldn't.

damn, i love this woman. plays a man so hardcore and he never even sees it. he buys it, hook, line and sinker. she owns his ass and he laps it up, sanfrantastic!!

if you think she isn't going to be the queen that reigns over me, you've lost your mind as well. every woman i relay this story to vows to star as pollyanna pussypants from here on out. i know i will. if you can fake having, you sure as hell could fake not having. i can not wait.

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