June 21, 2005

variable compensation

12 years now, without knowing what i'll make next week, or next month or next year... variable compensation...buzzkill? sometimes...it varies, hence the name...

sales is funny business, people. it evokes some ickity images for some, i know.. i couldn't count the number of times i've heard someone ragging on "sales positions" or "salesmen", but the most real down to earth folks i've ever known have been killer salesmen..

we live in the greatest country on the planet. i read somewhere that children today in america have no idea what the american dream is. i think that's horseshit. i have children. they are as brainwashed as i ever was. the dream is alive, we all just need to know it's worth embracing.

to me, in a nutshell, the american dream is that old adage if you can see it and believe it you can achieve it. that means if it's worth having, it's worth working for. we all want, sure different things, but we are free to invest our dreams in mansions or lottery tickets. freedom is what makes capitalism work.

which brings me back to the beloved salesman. a person that aspires to be at the crux of capitalism. zero hour when then barter is going down. since i live the position, my hat is off to you if you share in a sales occupation...for i truly empathize in knowing that the variable compensation is often not financial at all, but human.

you get to learn a lot about people, good and bad, when you step in and help them achieve their dreams. you learn a lot more from those who don't.

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