June 19, 2005

Chicken of the sea

yes indeed, that's me...

had quite the excursion down south...woke up at 6 am in south central texas...drove 6 hours to the south, never left texas, and didn't see all that much of it either..it's just big, people. if you learned geography in hours, then i do believe you are a texan.

weather was good, sun, sun, and more sun. 110 on the heat index. breezy and postcard posey.

i'm sunfried and can't type much as i'm in utter agony. i wore sunscreen, religiously, but the counter effects of drinking en masse and then swimming in the salty gulf erased the potency of all my preventive measures.

i don't swim elegantly, not in the ocean...it's more like mary catherine gallagher might. i'm too afraid of a shark attack. and i was severely mentally scarred by man-o-wars as a child. hell hath no fury like that of the jelly fish.

how many times did my brother and i swim back from the third sand bar as kids? i remember crying all the way due to the underwater jelly attacks. damn, and often on the face. ouch i hurt just thinking about it.

my friend's eleven year old child was barbed on saturday by a sting ray.. it was just between the first and second sandbars too. the child went to the e.r. in brownsville and is fine, antibiotics to combat the venom. apparently, a regular occurrence on the coast, no big deal. interesting, i wasn't afraid of that before, now i know better.

anyway, i'm spent. i love when the vacation kicks your ass so you can't imagine how you'll work.

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