June 12, 2005

the lucid thoughts of a lurker

why do people blog? well, the reasons are as varied as the bloggers themselves, you know that...mine was tet-a-tet, i owed it...i was just a lurker in blogland and i repressed my urge as long as i could and then, well, the volcano just blew...

i loved lurking...i still love lurking..i've always had a little cyber paranoia about commenting...a deep paranoia.. there have been many times i wanted to comment but out of fear of there being a take-down by one of the blog's regulars, i very rarely did.

that must be a geek complex of sorts, but there you have it. i would envision myself commenting something inane like, "that's the greatest post ever" and some blog thug following up with, "hey hayseed, pipe the fuck down you idiot"

i also loved the anonymity. damn, isn't reading someone's blog just like digging through their panty drawer? all their secrets out there... spell checked, and templated, and archived... ooh la la

anyway, to honor the great bloggers who have sent me running to my computer after work for months for fear of missing their posts, i'm going to update the ole blogroll shortly with some must reads...

but as with any controlled substance, dear friends, i beg of you, moderation...tis the key...they are some seriously captivating linguists..

but my fear for you, dear lurkers in particular, is that you'll become so entranced as i have, you'll find yourself at your hill country home, viewing your pacific ocean view, hearing the bustling city sounds that seem to drown out the natural fauna...and suddenly you too will have to add your sound and insight into the mix.

please do, i never tire of reading a good story..and as long as you're digging through my panty drawer, go ahead and say hi in the comments...it's the right thing to do. oh, and please don't tell my mommy what you find in there...

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