June 02, 2005

freckle weather

i was faced with a mighty tough circumstance today, reality is a bear...seems the oldest thinks he spends a disproportionate amount of time at school as opposed to the river.. i haven't the nerve to tell him...

secret swimming holes...where is your favorite? ours is on the north fork of the guadalupe..known only locally as the flats, pristine white limestone bluffs illuminate the river bed, which is completely transparent and roughly 30 feet wide. there are deep pockets everywhere to sit in and small jacuziesque falls every so often..

the water is only a couple of inches deep and the moonlike terrain easy to maneuver, unless, dear ones, you make the mistake we all make at the flats...you get thirsty

have a beverage or two and i guarantee you'll want to throw the frisbee..throw the frisbee awhile and you'll think it's all good....but beware, i've seen some death falls out there...the sandpapery surface is glazed with fresh algae and will grant you no favors, rasberry city...and the previously funloving onlookers will grant you no slack.. if there's one thing we all love, it's to see someone skinned up, ass in the air, privates shooting out of the suit..(we've all been there) hail yes, summer days at the flats

i freed the chillies from the lice factory around two. it was 2:30 by the time we made our approach. i think maybe 2:42 when i realized i was completely brain dead. a mind is a wonderful thing to waste..

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