June 04, 2005

let's have some knob creek and not talk about it

ever been trusted with a delicate piece of info...something you absolutely couldn't let out. something that would surely cause a domino effect that you knew would wind up back at your front door if you muttered a breath about it...

ever had a married man make advances on you? persistant and cunning, the married man will give you a false sense of security, afterall, he may be a philanderer but at least he's taken..he'll be no serious threat to you.

recently i have had two occurences...the first a client, who always calls me "sweetie". i once thought he just had me confused with his wife, i was calling on his cell...he said, "hey sweetie, what you up to?" i said, "no, this is your broker" he said, "i know, sweetie, how's it going?"

yow...the other is the ex-husband of a co worker...we have lunch together every monday. it's my hunter's lunch, and as such i'm usually the only one there not in camo...love it..but the main guy is always trying to pull me aside for private discussions about masturbation, sex, you name it...it has been a delicate act of dodge ball for almost two years now..the one question that is presently haunting me, "if i was single, would you go out with me?"

both of these winners had their wives leave them in the last two months...i'm scared.
if my dear friend little debbie from austin was here, she'd tell me to have some knob creek and not talk about it...that's how you get through the unspeakable. cheers.

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