May 31, 2005

Civil War Whore

a lot of people in my family have the gift helps...we produce many doctors and nurses and teachers and such in our family tree. i asked my grandmother about her desire to be a nurse, and well, working in general way back in the day. she told me she always had strong desire to go to nursing school but her father was deadset against it. really, i prodded...why? according to my grandma, her father, Roscoe Fort (yep, that's me great grandpappy's name), and her uncle Battle Fort, both held a strong attitude that nursing was a deviant profession. not only would such sick minded women be prone to eyeballing the privates of strangers..but it was also common knowledge that the nurses slept with all the soldiers during the civil war. no daughter of his was going to service the servicemen. grandmother finally went to nursing school when she was 42. She still had three youngins at home, but her desire to reach that goal never dimmed. She is the sweetest soul you could ever hope to have in your presence, especially if you were under the weather....and she can make a mickey mouse shaped pancake as well.

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