May 31, 2005

Flacid Fellow on a saturday night

man, this is one of those things that you wish you could be blogging as it's happening. One of those oh shit moments when you desire to take it to the world at lightening speed and beg the question, WHAT THE FUCK?

while much too inebriated to drive, i was convinced to take ole jay, my new hungry buddy to the McDonald's at two a.m. ...people, hello, McD's doesn't stay open til dawn in tiny towns, why didn't i know that?

the rain that knocked out the show was still coming down. on the way back from the closed burger joint, we missed our exit...i asked, but the frisky stranger in the passenger seat swore he knew where to go... it was ten miles to the next turn around, and ten miles back to camp central. i was already sick of his shit...

then out of nowhere he dropped his pants. he was saying to pull over and touch it! i gave a sideways glance, come on, doesn't happen every day, and his one eyed winky was fast asleep on his thigh. say it with me....what the fuck?

now, i am a girl that loves a challenge, but you got grab my interest or piss me off (i'm irish like that). a dead peeper does not turn me on. i said, "come on dude, what is up over there?"

"touch it" he begged and said, "why you want to make me feel weird like that? pull over"

"you feel weird?" i queried. "really, that's interesting...hmm, i wonder why you feel so weird? maybe it would help if you covered him up, he looks pretty humiliated...and cold"

truth was, besides the flacid fellow there was the whole age gap. why did i feel like michael jackson instead of misses robinson? i don't know, but i never gave it a serious thought...

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