May 29, 2005

who am i?

i sure as fuck don't know...

last night i met a few friends at phil's firehouse in comfort. Jon Dee Graham played a magnificent set outside under these enormous oak trees. fabulous. when the rain started coming down, it just made it more beautiful...we were safe under the tree canopy and those love songs curdling through the rain was something, people.

until set two, the gusts became hurricanelike in nature. the band of entirely ordinary gentlemen ran for safety. the gig was rained out completely. i sought shelter in the firehouse, which has a bar and three ten pin bowling lanes. kids at the end in a bunker have to manually re set the pins. it's a nice step back in time.

whilst avoiding the rain, my friends all fled. i was parked pretty far so i just sat at a table. before long i was entrenched in a memorial day camping party fest. about 12 people. we drank and laughed and i went back to their campsite. they giggled and gambled and told inside stories on each other all night. it was a really good time. i enjoyed the scene.

always nice to leave your persona at the city limits, don't ya think? nice to be unknown sometimes, makes life interesting...

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