May 26, 2005

the final fuck-off

dog gone it, i love words. they wow me, they thrill me, they stumble me... apparantly the bush gene that spawns such monsters as "strategery" skipped a gene pool to get to me. guilty on all counts. my mind mixes up words with such regularity that it actually scares me to speak sometimes. i don't know what might come out, but the reaction is always the same... it stuns me. what the fuck did i just say? then i get mired in the mess of it and pretty soon i don't know what the fuck i was talking about to begin with. it's not just words either, i have communication failure on many fronts. you would think, as someone who loves to read, that writing would be a natural extension of speaking. that's always been my writing style. i speak and type to keep up. i figure the free flow sounds just like me.

well when you tend to butcher all languages indiscriminantly, maybe you should think twice about train of thought rambling, eh?

recently, i have had a barrage of communication breakdown via email. i send an email, i'm like laughing while i type it, and think it's the funniest shit on the planet and invariably i get a response like "i don't like your tone" or "you sound angry". it's like my humor doesn't translate into the written form. wtf?

i guess i should know by now. i've seen enough mouths gape open at what i say face to should be no surprise that i offend so easily when my words stain paper.

when will we learn, people?

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