May 25, 2005

More Kid Logic: Getting Even

Reminded me of my favorite true story... Earlier this year i visited true's kindergarden class and was a guest reader. i had to read a book about different families, and i gotta say, it was trying. The book was about families that look different because of divorce, or remarriage, or adoption. nothing extreme, like johnny has two mommies, but i digress. my point was it's tough to read anything to 20 six year olds without laughing inappropriately at the stuff they will say.

anyway, true can't keep his mouth shut. he's all, "I know, I know"...waving his hand and begging out loud "pick me, pick me" it's funny to hear a screaming subconcious. the whole time i'm reading he's blurting out things. finally i had enough.

True, "I can spell my name, it's T-R-U-E-T-T"

Me, "Ms. Petty, did you hear that? true has tee tee in his name! giggle, giggle (used to be uncle dave's private joke)

Ms. Petty, "did you hear that, class? true has tee tee in his name"

The class erupts into laughter and giggles and mass kinder mayhem. dead pan serious true stares down his teacher and levels her with one sentence...

"So does Ms. Petty"

Touche, my boy. good war of the wits

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