May 25, 2005

Kid Logic: I Want to Be Number Two

Today true won an award for reading the second most books in the entire kindergarten class of his elementary school. They only gave two reading awards per grade. as mother of the freaking year, i don't want to sound smug, BUT, might i add he had to learn to read and then outread everbody else? not bad, my boy, not bad t'all.

in fact, smugness ran rampant in this post toddles competition du death. Ms. Petty was quick to point out that true outread 5 teacher's kids that are also in his kindergarten class.

True was pretty self absorbed by the time i picked him up from school. I told him i was so proud and asked if he knew why.

He ventured a guess, "Cause i'm the true-meister?"


"Because I outread everybody in my kindergarten class?"

"Well, actually, i think someone else read more books and you got second place. But you still outread 100 other kids, that's awesome. Who was the kid who outread you?"

"Tristan was there...but he was one, i got the two...since two is twice as much as one i thought i read twice as many books as him. i thought i was the best"

Cripes, motherhood is so jampacked with beautiful inconsistencies. true, for being a crumb off the ole cracker, you are the best!

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