May 17, 2005

You were always home to me

well, time is ticking away... this time tomorrow i will be standing mouth agape at the World Trade Center remains where i stood 7 short years ago in completely different skin.

My mind has been swimming at my desk all morning...i'm having to write my little speech for the other 50 suits attending the meeting. The topic is the secret to my success...and as i told you before, that is damn difficult when you don't feel successful. part is the "i'm never good enough" drive that actually is at the root of my success. The more important ingredient is each of you.

Whether you believe in destiny or not, know that i do, very strongly...

You see, I firmly believe every relationship and experience to be a part of a master plan...I think all my hard experiences in Illinois trained me singularly, almost exquisitely, for the challenges I face here. I am confident in my ability to help people. I am passionate in my desire to do so. But most of all, i am so thankful for the relationships.

St. Louey gal, you saved my life. When I was down, you were a screaming success. When i was going through my divorce, you had been there. You were an inspiration to me at a time when i was functioning, but just barely. You are wired so different from me, yet such a beacon of self reliance.

In short (as if, right?) all of you are the secret of my success. Role models, mothers, nurses, teachers, students, entrepeneurs every one...Being close to you, affected by you, involved with you....for the last 30 been the formulation of me. THANK YOU, EACH OF YOU, FOR MY SUCCESS.

Damn, I love you people...reunion time? how about a family weekend in the hill country?...a little troop 606 reunion tour? Louisianna, you bring the cheetos!!

My door is open and the light is on,

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