May 04, 2005

Love In Pictures

ah being a mommy ain't so bad some times. in alley cat's class, they all drew pics of their mommies and their teachers afixed a little typewritten block with the child's description. They are all up in the kid's window, but the teacher's won't tell who's who. it's funny, it looks like the same giant headed stick figure lady posed for all of their pics. it was tough, but i found me, and this is how the alley cat describes his number one fan: *my mommy takes me to the store and buys me toys

*my mommy is never sad
*my mommy is pretty

what can i say? guilty, those little boogers are so worth the headaches. sure, if your male, you gotta be between the ages of 4 and 6 to be in my fan club, but at least some one gets me.

i'm scooting into town for mom's day. if anyone's available give me a call. my cell phone being newly replaced is empty so consider your number lost at present.

i'll be at dizey's, the number hasn't changed since 1973.

love to all of you and happy mother's day!


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