April 17, 2005

funky cold medina

Hello Ladies, I was thinking today of all the wonderful songs in the world. And how varied everyone's tastes are. Back in our youth, there are many songs that stand out and yet I never liked them. Is that the quintessential trademark of eighties music?? Maybe it was the overplay. Remeber the Spring Break trips across the border to Mexico. I once drank shots of tequila at every nasty bar we passed on the way to downtown Matamoros. I remember standing in the sun in an outdoor market, grinning like a moron, watching people pay a guy on the street to electrify them...they held on to a car battery or some current carrying gizmo, and their hair would stand up and then they would stumble off, drunk as I, but miraculously, ALIVE. How did we survive it? It certainly wasn't the music...Maybe in the eighties, but not in Matamoros. Someone tell me, why did all those bars only have literally two or three english songs? They played the same three songs over and over and over. Has the digital age hit Matamoros? Are they popping on the internet now and downloading a night's worth of tequila soaked and shaky tunes? I haven't been in a coon's age, but i suspect there has been very little forward progression in the bar scene. let me know if you know different.


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