April 07, 2005

props to our homey in st. louey...

i've got our gateway to the west gal on my mind..

i spent thirty bucks on less than 13 gallons last night, yep, hold on to your dinners ladies, 2.22 a gallon. the dumbass cashier said, "i heard some people say it's going to 4 dollars a gallon!" as i was leaving. as if my wounds TODAY aren't enough, let's go ahead and envision 4 dollar a gallon days, and sisters, this mama ain't drivin.

it got me thinking of my driving days and years...and i think it's super american...super individualist..this car thing. but my first days of driving were spent with the brave st.louey gal. i was self learning stick shift on the MGB and the top was down and we were forbidden to leave the hood. so we just cruised the elementary and middle school and of course, st francis, and i stalled that bitch about four thousand times.

it is a true testament to our (all of us) true and real roots in needletown that my beloved friend didn't sue my ass for whiplash that day. back then, i perfected my skills and then off to galveston, off to the warehouse district, off to wherever. freeing days they were in the sunrise of adulthood. off to learn our ways and leave our marks.

all of us have covered a lot of highway since those days. e42 has resided in three of the four corners. love all y'all, no matter how far you roam..

but i can't afford to leave my driveway. Viva Exxon Mobil, Viva BP, Viva Valero!!


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