March 20, 2005

my baby is's time for an ensure...

the alley cat turned four yesterday but was at his dad's so we celebrated today. i'm exhausted.

i got him a motorized john deere tractor. i put off buying it until late saturday nite. PROcrastination. that's right, if there is one thing i can't wait todo, IT'S WAIT...TO....DO....I'M A PRO!!! mainly it's cus 1>Going to wal-mart sux and 2> the box was hugamous, so i had to work up to it. once i finally had to wrestle the sucker thru the walmart...excuse me, sorry, help, oops, soory, excuse me...i got in the car and ugh...was home at 9pm

wrestle the monster box out of the car, thru the garage...dig out the parts, somehow don't break a nail...but wrestle for 30 minutes when i hit the first shitty realization, it's not motorized...just a pedal car

damn, a hundred bucks for a plastic piece of crap that looks cute but sux the weenie i'm sure when you subject it to a normal 4 year old boy. fuck it, i thought, and got on with the assembly...

it was eleven when i had it half together and realized, oh shit, they forgot the steering wheel!! I HATE WAL-MART!! i put what parts i could fit in the box back and the rest in the bag and peeled out bound for restitution...

all turned out well. i got a motorized jeep instead. i forced WALMART to get the new one, take it from the toy aisle to my car, where they unloaded the remains of the wheeless wonder.

it was 2:30 when i got that sucker together and posted my toilet paper post below...i'm all partied out... getting old is like that, huh?

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