April 01, 2005

our glasses should be tinging...


victory for us women today..

i had mediation with the ahole. it started at 10 and went to 3. here is the upshot, and it's mighty freaking wonderful....

when i divorced said ahole, i owed him $20k for marital property acquired during marriage. that wasn't half...not even close, just a negotiated price to make him go away...(this is the good thing about divorcing in non community property states)

when my house sold in illinois, the jackass refused to sign the lien cause he wanted his 20k so i sued him for it mainly because i felt he wanted my money even though he had never bothered to um, pay any child support (this is the bad thing about non texas divorce, no job = no court mandated child support, which of course = no child support)

that was october, today, on april fool's day 2005, i mediated my lawsuit with the biggest fool of em all. it was freaking priceless. how i wish i could share all the gorey details...but i'll just say this, everyone there saw though him and worked in my defense. the mediator was wonderful!! he would grin at me like a monkey..he knew i was telling the truth.

in the end the fool got $5000 cash. and i don't feel good about that, but at least it's a fraction of what i owed him.the best part, i'm really divorced, he's payed off and child support is set, below poverty level but at least i don't have to hire any lawyers for a while. i got 5k, and we both agreed to put our other 5k in college accounts for the boys, so my kids get 10 grand and guess who is investing their money?

of course, me...dumbass's last question was was i going to put their money in the stock market? married to me for 7 long years but had to ask??

yes, virginia, there is a complete dimwitted dumbass named bush, but he's not the president...

LOVE and virtue beyond my spite

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