March 14, 2005

Loose Footed Fancy Freak


the kids are gone three days now and i'm she batchin' it.. thick thick in adventure ladies..lend an ear...

sat nite i saw guy forsyth. sat at his table.. had four clients come and fall in love with his music. and then we were chatting as he inhaled his dinner and he said, "Shoe, will you help me?" dude, i don't know if there are more powerful words to the discerning codependant. i was moved ladies. of course, i'll help. sign me up...blow job duty?? whatever i can do!!

after the show i took my gf/hetero life partner to see the scene at the inn of the hills. there was a cop behind the bar. he was bald, and short, but sexy ugly as i had my jack goggles on. he was staring me down too. perhaps he was concerned with the bourbon i was choking down at last call. it was a hoot. y'all i think jack is everyone.

on sunday i went to the famous and wonderful gruene concert hall. A show of amens please ladies? who has been there? it was a food pantry benefit concert. i saw guy (of course), jon dee grahm, fred eaglesmith (liked-but over hyped), and the scrumdilliumptious, Slaid Cleaves...damn, suddenly i own a country album. wow. he is awesome. and jon dee, he is like texas tom waitish, gravelly voice...his music stabbed my soul, ladies. amazing dayzies...

love to y'all and y'allin's,
da shoe

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