March 11, 2005

the insane machine is on the scene

yo babies. You are so money, you don't even know it! my doggie's nails go click-a-clack down our pho wood floors (holy sheet, no spell check on here?! I can't stay). That is not soup, pho meaning fake. When he gets up to speed he sounds like a little train. He see's me here typing at my screen and realizes that any attempts at getting me to go out into this beautiful day are point-lessss. So I type to you.

The fever is broken. Again? And I'm feeling almost good. I feel good and then I stand up, whoops, not so much. But at least the dull ache in my kidney-area is duller and less vocal. The anti-biot-ICK makes me a bit queasy but what da f*ck? thank god for whathisname who came up with the damn things. Fleming. or so the internet says.

ah the train is back and the tail is wagging. clearly I don't have anything earth shattering to say, the slimy ball at my feet is an invitation I can't refuse.

word up cute girlies, wheeeeeee this is fun!

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