September 23, 2006

Our gracious host

I must say thanks to our gracious host for actually letting us trash this place today. I haven't had this much fun while I am actually at work (that is my alibi) and thus unable to actually post these at this time. If you actually followed that, you are a damn site smarter than I am.

Anyway, I must be a real dumbass or something. I got Chou = Shoe quite awhile back. I am smart like that. But for some reason my little grey cells didn't clue me in to the rest for awhile. Actually, it was my wife that clued me in. I mentioned something about vandalizing visiting her site the other day and mentioned Chou Chope with a long O (elope, etc...) and of course my wife who holds all of the useless knowledge (and some useful tidbits as well) says "No, not CHOPE, SHOP dumbass". Actually I don't know if she called me that or not, that part could have been in my head, as it should have been.

I probably could have spent the day badmouthing Texas, as I am sure 'neck is gonna do (it's Friday evening right now) but since my wife grew up there she would probably beat the bejesus out of me if there is still any left when Shoe gets done. Besides, I am sure that my form of abuse heaping is just as effective :) That's OK, next time I go outta town, I'll give you the keys to my place for a couple of days, if you can stand the stench of rotting flesh and pornography.

Alas, this will probably be my last post of the day over here unless I can think of anything more juvenile to post. L8r dudes.


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